CLIENT NEWS: Small Business Clients

June 30, 2014

For the last few years I have been working as a Social Media Consultant for large companies, such as POPSUGAR and ACER but living in Berlin, a fast evolving city, I am constantly seeing new businesses that could really benefit from a clear online strategy and strong, engaging content.

While I do of course love my large clients, I have been more and more attracted to the prospect of helping small businesses to grow from the early stages and seeing direct results.

With this in mind, I have opened my doors to small businesses too and am pleased to announce my first small business client: helloGoodPie.

As I am a dedicated foodie and passionate Berlin dweller, helloGoodPie and Natterbang, seemed to be a perfect match.  Scrumptious short crust pastry pies are my latest obsession and I am letting the online world know all about it.

As the company’s Social Media Strategist, Social Media Manager and Content Editor, my role is integral to their growth both online and offline.

To have a look at the work I am doing with helloGoodPie, please check out their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

-photography and copy by me.

Are you a small business, in need of some Social Media guidance? My rates are fair and my work is priceless.
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