INSTABANG: Lately on Instagram

July 28, 2014

The landscape of the social web is changing faster than you can say “Let’s take a selfie”.  Social networks have evolved to be a huge part of the daily lives of billions of people across the world and it is always fascinating to see how we are adapting our business ventures in order to keep up.

I recently came across the Instagram profile of an American fitness model and instructor who is directly monetizing her Instagram account and while I am unsure of the legalities of it all, I can’t help applauding her entrepreneurial way of thinking.

Lais Deleon has a public Instagram account that shows off her pretty amazing physique, nutrition hints and exercise snippets to more than 200,000 followers who take a keen interest in fitness. Of course Lais does personal training offline and has a website with a subscription service, so customers can sign in and see her videos each week but this fitness model is not just a phenomenal body and face, she is also exploring the realms of Mobile Training via Instagram.

For $15 per month, followers can have access to a separate Instagram account which is otherwise private and once signed up, clients will receive video break downs of numerous exercise regimes, recipe guides, details of her top tips and daily inspiration.

Fitness is a big business already on platforms like Instagram, with millions of people sharing their journeys via photos and videos every day but I have not seen many fitness professionals using it in this way yet.

What do you think of Lais Deleon’s Instagram training?

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Burger, anyone?