September 20, 2014

Last month Time released their annual list of the internet’s top 50 websites and web services.  While the list often names a lot of great sites I am already aware of, there are always just a few that are brand new to me.

But tell me, how did I ever live without these three favourites of 2014…

#1 – Ten Minute Mail:  Yes, you guessed it. A service that lets you create a temporary email address that self destructs after ten minutes.

Hallelujah! No more daily celebrity spam after signing up to read that one article about Kimye.

#2 – My 80s TV:  Now this one is kind of mind blowing. Especially if you, like me, are a child of the wonderfully horrendous decade that was the 80’s.


Go to the website, be faced with a retro tv, complete with knobs and flick through your television memories.  There is also a 70s and 90s version of this amazingness. Enjoy!

#3 – Vox: It’s not always easy to stay on top of the huge news topics, so Vox is the best place to go to catch up on parts of news stories that you may have missed. With slick design and content that is easy to navigate, it will definitely help you to stay on top of your game at the next pub quiz!


You’re welcome ;)