HP: Influencer Advisory Board

  • Client: Hewlett Packard
  • Date: May 2012 – ongoing
  • URL: www.hp.com

Since 2012 I have been using my social media consultancy skills to work with Hewlett Packard as a member of their Global Influencer Advisory Board.

Alongside nineteen internationally recognised influencers from technology and creative fields, I have been working with hp to help them make informed and strategic decisions for product and communication.

Our board meetings and conferences are often quite glamorous affairs, with trips to Cannes Film Festival, private concerts in Paris and much more.

Oh, C’est la vie ;)

Miggy has been a longstanding member of HP’s Global Influencers Advisory Board and we’ve always been impressed by her ability to understand issues and come up with solutions that are truly breakthrough. Miggy thinks out of the box, beyond the box, in the box and all around the box. She gets it all.
Jean-Pierre Le Calvez, Hewlett Packard, Vice-President EMEA Marketing

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