SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS: Simplifying Google Analytics

July 31, 2014

So you have already taken the step to measure your online success with Google Analytics but there’s just one problem…. the results look like absolute gibberish to you.


It is very common for people to be slightly overwhelmed be the statistics that Google Analytics throws at them via the intimidating dashboard. So this week’s Social Media Tip will help those people to get a deeper understanding of what is happening with their business, without making them want to bash their heads against the keyboard.

Quillengage is a free tool that you can connect to your Google Analytics account. It takes all of the important data from Analytics and uses it to construct concise explanatory sentences and then presents them to you in an easily understandable format.

Crucial statistics show your overall performance and compare the current week to the previous week.

It’s a dream.

You’re welcome ;)